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Skin Therapies

A facial at Sapphire Aesthetics is an experience that nourishes your skin, mind, body and soul. Using holistic techniques, result-oriented technologies and ancient philosophies, Stephanie creates a one of a kind facial experience that nurtures all aspects of your skin health and wellbeing. Every facial experience will include a skin analysis, deep cleansing, extractions (if needed), skin nourishment and restorative treatment enhancements. 


What is the secret to the perfect facial? It’s all about personalization. Our signature facials are fully customized to address your skin concerns using the highest quality products, tools and massage techniques. Each 60 and 75 minute facial blends a combination of restorative treatment enhancements to give your skin exactly what it needs in that moment. Brighter, calmer, firmer, more hydrated skin in as little as 1 hour!

Sapphire Signature-60 |  $125/60 minutes

A combination of up to 4 restorative treatment enhancements will be utilized to curate your unique facial experience.

Sapphire Signature-75 |  $145/75 minutes

A combination of up to 6 restorative treatment enhancements will be utilized to curate your unique facial experience.

Examples of restorative treatment enhancements that may be utilized during your facial experience:

~ultrasonic vibration therapy ~ enzymatic exfoliation ~ natural peels ~ high frequency  ~ Gua sha massage ~ facial cupping ~lymphatic drainage massage ~ cryo massage  ~ facial reflexology ~  dermafiling ~ facialplaning ~ microcurrent ~  oxygen infusion ~tuning forks ~ sculpting massage ~ fascia massage ~ breathwork techniques ~ hydrojelly mask


Pure Energy Facial Meditation | Reset and Renew $60/30 minutes

The Pure Energy Facial Meditation (PEFM) is a 30-minute meditative facial reflexology routine that is designed to relax the entire nervous system and enhance energy flow to every organ and every part of the body creating health and well-being from the inside out. The PEFM activates your body’s natural ability to heal itself and increases circulation, oxygenation, nutrition, and detoxification. Regular treatments train the nervous system to stay in a state of balance instead of a state of stress. You will be glowing from the inside out and radiating with a new sense of peace and calm.

*Package of 5 PEFM available for $270

Rezenerate Nanofacial | Elevate your glow game $155/75 minutes

The revolutionary Rezenerate Nanofacial utilizes cutting-edge nanotechnology, the pressure points of acupressure and the cool touch of cold therapy to deliver unparalleled ‘Rez’ults! This cutting edge treatment nourishes the skin at the cellular level by infusing targeted serums with the ReZENerate wand. The results: drastically increased hydration, instant skin plumping, smoother, firmer and younger looking skin, minimized fine lines, less age spots and improved texture.

The Quantum Facial | meditative, nurturing, healing $160/90 minutes

A transformative, healing experience for your skin, mind, body and soul. The Quantum Facial nourishes every part of your being to bring out your authentic beauty. Beginning with a tuning fork ritual to balance your nervous system and initiate relaxation. Followed by a fruit enzyme under warm steam to brighten and hydrate your skin from the outside. We then move into a fascia massage on the face, neck and chest- this opens up detox passageways while enhancing facial contours. Next comes a personalized facial reflexology treatment. Facial reflexology is a relaxing modality that activates our body’s innate ability to heal itself. To bring all the healing modalities together, we end with a lymphatic drainage massage to strengthen the immune system and eliminate waste from the skin tissues. This 90 minute meditative experience will leave you feeling like you are floating on a zen cloud of happiness.  Your skin will be brighter, firmer and more lifted. A truly holistic approach to skincare!

The FIX Sculpting Facial | Lift, Sculpt, Drain & Glow $140/75 minutes

Get your “fix” with this addictive facial that leaves you feeling vibrant, lifted, and renewed! The FIX Sculpting Facial utilizes a specialized massage technique that naturally lifts and sculpts the face and neck while relieving muscle tension, softening expression lines and reducing puffiness in the skin. Our FIX Facial starts off with a personalized exfoliation. We then perform a lymphatic massage to open important detox passageways. Then we move into the lifting and sculpting part of the facial that includes a buccal massage which simultaneously massages the inner and outer muscles of the mouth helping to sculpt the cheeks, lips and jawline. A cryo massage with chilled globes completes this facial to lock in hydration and nutrients.

Sapphire Deluxe Facial | The Ultimate Facial Experience $230/120 minutes

For the facial junkie that loves all the delights! Results and relaxation all wrapped up into this 2 hour immersive experience that starts with a tuning fork ritual to bring on deep relaxation. A customized exfoliation along with ultrasonic vibrational therapy gently revives your skin’s glow while LED light therapy repairs and energizes skin cells and improves texture. Stephanie then uses all the best massage techniques to enhance nutrient flow in the skin and work the underlying tissues for optimal health: lymph massage, facial cupping, sculpting techniques, gua sha, and facial reflexology. A hydrojelly mask is applied to lock in hydration and nutrients followed by microcurrent and radio frequency to improve skin tone.

Sapphire Teen Facial | $90/50 minutes

Tailored for pre-adolescent and teenage skin, the Teen Facial is a great introduction to the importance of preemptive skincare.  Facial is customized to the needs of the client and includes a deep pore cleansing, a personalized exfoliation, extractions as needed, treatment enhancements and professional guidance on proper skin care. 

Facial Add On Services

Add on any of our waxing, tinting or deluxe treatment services to any of our facial experiences. (We currently only offer our waxing and tinting services as add on’s to our facials not as a solo booked services.)

Brow Wax $15

We consider our Brow Wax to be a self-care experience! Let the expert craft your perfect brow while you lie on a heated bed and enjoy the aromatherapy infusing the air. We use an organic, earth friendly hard wax that is super gentle on the skin and it smells delightful too!

Upper Lip Wax $10

Chin Wax $15

Brow Tinting $25

Add some oomph to your arch with our custom blended tints and achieve that get-up-and-go look! Eyebrow tinting is the perfect solution to add a pop of color and define your natural brows. Lasts approximately 3-4 weeks.

Décolleté Repair Treatment $55/30 minutes

Concerned with wrinkles or uneven skin tone on your chest area? Add on our handcrafted and targeted décolleté repair treatment to your facial appointment to experience the perfect balance of advanced modalities and relaxation. Your Décolleté Repair Treatment will include a customized exfoliation, LED therapy as well as microcurrent and radio frequency to tighten and firm the skin. Your experience includes a dreamy massage to move you deeper into relaxation.

LED Light Therapy $30/30 minutes

LED Light Therapy is an easy and effective way to up-level your facial experience! Our Celluma LED panel uses low level light therapy to enhance skin health and vitality. The beneficial colored lights reduce fine lines and wrinkles, firm and tone the skin, increase skin circulation which brings fresh oxygen and nutrients to the cells and tissues, reduce inflammation, increase collagen, refine pores, improve skin texture and reduce acne breakouts. This transformative treatment gives the skin an immediate natural glow! Includes a relaxing scalp massage to continue your facial zen!

Skin Health Coaching

Skin Health & Lifestyle Consultation $75/60 minutes

A personalized skin health consultation that encompasses an integrative approach to healthy skin by supporting your skin needs from the inside and outside.  Stephanie will take the time to get to know your skin wellness and overall health goals as well as your current lifestyle and nutrition habits. After a thorough skin analysis and a deep understanding of objectives for our time together, Stephanie will create a plan to get you on the path to your goals.

Virtual Skin Health Consultation $75/60 minutes

Can’t make it to the treatment room? Schedule a virtual consultation.

1:1 Private 3-month Integrative Skin Health Coaching Program $415

As a Certified Nutritional Aesthetics Practitioner and Licensed Aesthetician, Stephanie offers one on one, private skin health and lifestyle consultation programs that encompass an integrative approach to healthy skin by supporting your skin needs from the inside and outside. There is a direct connection between our skin health and the nutrition, stress, and lifestyle habits that we have adopted. Caring for our skin goes beyond just our skincare regimen. Now more than ever, we need to nourish our body and mind to support our overall skin health. In this 3-month Integrative Skin Coaching Program we will dive deep into your skincare and overall health goals. Then I will guide and support you in creating healthy lifestyle, skincare, nutrition, and mindset modifications so you can achieve those goals!